WALD HI·LO - Olive Drab
WALD HI·LO - Olive Drab
WALD HI·LO - Olive Drab

WALD HI·LO - Olive Drab

  • WALD was conceived as a lamp that seamlessly integrates into a space without the need for hardwiring or rewiring. Incredibly lightweight at 6.87 ounces, it is anchored by the wall socket. The compact lamp is 34 inches long and extends 4" from the wall with an adjustable 3 prong plug for various orientated outlets (supports only north american outlets). The lamp features a full range, easy to operate dimmer switch. A 40 watt incandescent bulb is included.

    Olive Drab - A richly dark hue that shows its olive green base in direct sunlight.

    (WALD is designed only to work for north american outlets and voltage.  This item does not ship internationally)

  • Materials & Process:
    Color Anodized

    40W Incandescent Bulb 290 Lumens (Included)
    Full range dimmer standard Socket 120 Volt maximum voltage
    3 Prong Plug (Nema 5-15p)

    34.25" Height x 4" Width x 1.25 Socket Diameter